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Injection Molding

Highslide JS DEIMLING/jeliho Plastics operates from our facility in Amelia, Ohio, an eastern suburb of Cincinnati. Our temperature controlled manufacturing area is equipped with an overhead crane for efficient mold changes. Highslide JS
We are equipped with 46 injection molding machines ranging from 40 to 780 tons of clamp force, and shot sizes 1 oz (28 gms) to 125 oz (3500 gms). Our processing knowledge extends beyond solid injection molding, to structural foam molding, gas-assist molding, gas counter-pressure molding and over-molding, long fiber thermoplastic molding (LFRT), and we have processed the full gamut of performance materials from commodity grades to custom blends to engineering thermoplastic resins with and without reinforcements and fillers.
Whether your product requires a single cavity, open and shut mold, or a complex, multi-cavity, multiple-gate, multiple-action tool, DEIMLING can handle your job.
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Processes available:
• Standard Injection molding
• Insert Molding
• Over-Molding
• Gas Counter-pressure Molding
• Heavy/thick Wall Molding
• Gas Assist
• Long Fiber Thermoplastic Molding
• High Pressure Structural Foam 

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