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Mold & Tooling Service

The foundation of our business is the design and construction of molds for use in our own facility.

Prototypes and Quick Tooling
Prior to mold construction, we can help validate product designs by providing prototype samples produced from several state-of-the-art processes including 3-D printing, Stereo Lithography (SLA), and selective laser sintering (SLS). 3-D printing and Quick tooling can be used to deliver hold-in-hand part samples that have also been used for functional and field tests.

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Production Molds

We design molds in-house, and build molds both in our facility, and through pre-qualified domestic and international mold manufacturers. Our molds are designed using SURFCAM® software and are constructed using CNC and EDM equipment.

During mold construction, DEIMLING updates our customers with routine mold progress reports and electronic validation photos of construction progress. Both in-house and out-sourced mold projects are continuously monitored by a direct DEIMLING/jeliho employee who makes frequent visits to our mold building partners. Our personnel also participate in the final mold build phases including the initial molding trial (1st articles).

Prior to placing, we personally visit prospective international mold manufacturers and their sub-contractors them on our approved vendor list, and regularly re-inspect them to assure continued compliance to our standards.

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Mold Validation

Molds produced in-house are validated using DEIMLING/jeliho molding equipment. This is one of the final steps in assuring that customers are provided high-quality, production ready molds. Molds outsourced with domestic or international suppliers are fully validated prio to shipment.

If design or engineering changes are required after molds have been shipped from an off-shore source, the changes can be accomplished using our internal mold facility. Should added mold trials be needed, they can be done at our Amelia facility, saving valuable time and money.

Fixtures and Tooling

Many of the tools and fixtures used in the manufacture and inspection of parts and assemblies are designed and built in-house, allowing us to provide an economical custom solution to a particular need. Making fixtures and tooling in-house is a key part of our initiative of reduced time to market.

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