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Walt Ledger
Sales Manager
DEIMLING/jeliho Plastics, Inc.

DEIMLING/jeliho Plastics Adds Injection Molding Machines


Amelia (Cincinnati), Ohio – March 22, 2010 – DEIMLING/jeliho Plastics has added two new Milacron Manufacturing Technologies 55 Ton injection molding machines. The equipment was purchased using internally generated capital.

Bill Deimling, President of Deimling/jeliho Plastics, stated that the machines were needed to accommodate a new project involving injection molding, purchased components, decoration, product assembly and packaging.

DEIMLING/jeliho Plastics has sustained consistent growth throughout its history, thanks in part to strong core markets which include fluid handling and proportioning, petroleum equipment, building products, sports, and electronic instruments. In recent years DEIMLING has further diversified by adding customers and markets in the medical, institutional and sanitation, and consumer healthcare sectors.

According to Mr. Deimling, the keys to his company’s continued success are its ability to provide full product design and prototyping, combined with in-house design and construction of the molds required for producing plastic parts. These services are particularly important to customers who look to DEIMLING for difficult-to-process parts, produced in complex molds.

DEIMLING/jeliho Plastics was founded in 1975 as a mold builder, and expanded into injection molding in 1984. While the company has added several significant new customers since its inception, it continues as a major supplier to its original customer base.


January 6, 2009