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Dan Arvin
Sales Manager
DEIMLING/jeliho Plastics, Inc.

DEIMLING/jeliho Plastics Invests in Electric

Amelia (Cincinnati), Ohio – January 6, 2009 - Bill Deimling, President of Deimling/jeliho Plastics announced today that the company has added two new injection molding machines, the most recent step in the company’s ongoing machine upgrade program.

The machines are from Milacron Manufacturing Technologies, a world leader in plastics processing technologies and include a 55 Ton ROBOSHOT S2000I-B Series all electric machine, and a 95 Ton Magna hydraulic machine.

John Newberry, CEO of DEIMLING, stated that the company takes a conservative approach to financing growth, preferring to fund equipment purchases and facility expansions through internally generated capital.

Thanks to its Lean Manufacturing initiatives and multiple customers in diverse markets, DEIMLING/jeliho Plastics has sustained consistent growth, even through the recent turbulence in plastic resin prices and the current economic slowdown. Markets served include fluid handling, petroleum equipment, building products, sports, electronic instruments, medical, institutional and sanitation, law enforcement and aerospace.

According to Mr. Deimling, the keys to his company’s continued success are its ability to provide full product design and prototyping, combined with in-house design and construction of the molds required for producing plastic parts. These services are particularly important to customers who look to DEIMLING for difficult-to-process parts, produced in complex molds. He also said his company has sourced molds in the Pacific Rim for more than 10 years.

DEIMLING/jeliho Plastics was founded in 1975 as a mold builder and expanded into injection molding in 1984. While the company has added several significant new customers since its inception, it continues as a major supplier to its original customer base.