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Low/Medium Volume Projects

DEIMLING/jeliho Plastics was supplying small lot quantities of complicated molded plastic parts long before high-mix, low-volume production became a trend for manufacturers supplying Just-In-Time (JIT) customers.

We built our Amelia, Ohio facility to accommodate frequent mold, material and color changes, all part of our goal to become the efficient high mix/low volume plastics processor.

One current molding and assembly project involves hundreds different combinations of molded part colors, supply (purchased) components, unit-of-one packaging and labeling. In order to fine tune just-in-time deliveries, the DEIMLING person responsible for scheduling production of the product maintains direct contact with our customers’ materials personnel.

By sourcing molds internationally and by matching mold construction materials to projected product life, DEIMLING can help keep your project costs at reasonable levels.

We welcome the opportunity to review and discuss your project. Please use our RFQ, or contact us


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