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Thick Wall Molding

Designers of industrial products can face challenges which dictate the need to step out the boundaries for normal plastic part design. The strength, rigidity and aesthetics that thick wall sections bring can be a key part of the design solution.

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DEIMLING/jeliho Plastics has been a team member on numerous projects requiring heavier than normal wall sections and our knowledge bank is available for your project as well. We can provide assistance in the development of part designs that minimize thick wall part processing issues which can include part warp, excessive part shrinkage, voids/bubbles and long molding cycles.
Highslide JS The foundation of the molding process is the mold, and selecting DEIMLING as your partner assures that your molds are designed and constructed to ensure part dimensional accuracy, optimum part strength and minimum processing cycles.

Our machining centers can be used to add post molded holes, threads, and other features which cannot economically be “molded in”.

Our help is only an email or phone call away, or you can contact us through our web site.