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Custom thermoplastics injection molder and contract manufacturer specializing in highly engineered molded components and assemblies.

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DEIMLING/jeliho Plastics has been one of Cincinnati’s premier custom injection mold makers and molders since 1976.

DJP as Essential Critical Infrastructure Workforce:
Deimling/jeliho is closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation in our immediate area and everywhere. We are classified as an Essential Critical Infrastructure Workforce, and we intend to maintain full operational capacity of three shifts, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are stepping up production in areas most needed as related to the needs of the medical community. We will continue to meet the demands of our healthcare system with the production of components that go directly into the medical device and equipment markets, chemical cleaning, sanitizing, disinfecting markets, industrial and consumer goods, single use plastics, petroleum and fuel markets, healthcare, foodservice, commercial laundry and commercial agricultural markets.

COVID-19 Pandemic Operations:
As an essential manufacturing business, we are also ensuring both the cleanliness of our operations and the health and well-being of our employees. We are operating in full compliance with the guidelines set forth by the Ohio Department of Health and the CDC.

We actively encourage our employees to follow the Social Distancing Requirements everywhere on the manufacturing plant property both before and after work, stay/go home if they have a fever and/or any COVID related symptoms, proper handwashing and sanitizing, proper sneeze/cough etiquette, continual cleaning and disinfection of touched surfaces and work spaces. We have provided disinfectant supplies, gloves and masks to any employee in need.

Our Message to the Community:
We will continue to operate around the clock to meet the most critical demands of our customers. It is our pleasure to provide and increase our manufacturing services to meet the critical demands of the healthcare industry at this uncertain time in history. As a family-owned and operated business, we wish you all good health and safety going forward.

Concept to Delivery

From contact to delivery, we will be there as your partner. Through creative design and high-quality production, we are an integrated manufacturer capable of producing your product from concept to delivery.

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