Community Outreach

DJP is committed to the belief that a community is only as good as it’s members. As a promise to that ideology, we strive to do our part to better our local schools, businesses and organizations/charities through ongoing donations, service and employment practices.

  • Working closely in various capacities with Clermont Developmental Disabilities

  • Donations for our local school district and churches

  • Sponsoring people in need during the holidays

  • Team building while creating a positive impact on charities by raising money and building awareness

  • May We Help Non-Profit

Mission Statement

It is the goal of DEIMLING / jeliho to provide our customers with excellence in product and service, to step beyond the normal supplier/customer relationship by creating an atmosphere of assured dependability each time, every time.

We will provide our customers with the technical support necessary to design, manufacture, and deliver their products on time, while maintaining a standard of superior quality.

We will go beyond what is normally expected from a supplier by providing the extra effort needed so that our customers get to market on time with quality products.

Our Vision

Our VISION is to exceed expectations through creativity, productivity, quality and delivery, while maintaining strong business relationships. We are also committed to maintaining sustainable growth by remaining a debt free company. We strive to be a treasured corporate citizen by growing our business and extending more employment opportunities to our community.

Business Core Beliefs

  • Financial Strength
  • Experience
  • Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Technology

Operational Core Values

  • Be Fair
  • Tell the Truth
  • Keep your Promise
  • Respect the Individual
  • Learn Something New Every Day

Our Future

We firmly believe that our success as a company is a direct result of our customers’ successes. We will work in partnership with our customers to improve our quality, pricing and delivery. We will continue to grow in the market and lead in our industry through company culture; focusing on lean manufacturing, team principles and attitudes. Our ultimate goal is centered on our quality policy to commit to meeting and exceeding customer expectations through continual improvement and on-time delivery.

Description of Business


  • Our temperature-controlled manufacturing plant and corporate offices currently reside in a 108,000 square-foot facility. This was the result of our third expansion since 1995. Our entire facility including tool room, CAD/CAM design offices, Quality lab, manufacturing, assembly, warehouse and management offices, now occupy our new expanded facilities since the fall of 2015.

Hours of Operation

  • DEIMLING/jeliho Plastics operates three shifts, Monday through Friday, with optional Saturdays to cover seasonal loads and new project launches.