Green Initiatives

Jeliho is committed to becoming more sustainable in our manufacturing methods and business practices. We have adopted several industry standard methods to improve our efforts on this front.

  • Recycled Packaging

    Doing our part to further Green Initiatives, we have implemented programs to reduce waste and cost. We have partnered with our customers to reuse the same corrugated boxes (sometimes up to 10 times). In other eco-friendly partnerships, we have arranged to use reusable/returnable bins.

    Internally, we reuse corrugated packaging multiple times for our assembly processes. Additionally, we have partnered with a local recycler to reclaim all scrap corrugated and skids.

    These efforts help reduce landfill waste and customer cost.

  • Scrap Recycling

    We reuse our plastic materials in our processes wherever we can. Whatever cannot be recycled and reused here is then sent to a scrap recycler that uses the material in recycled product manufacturing. We work with our suppliers and our customers to implement materials in our processes that are eco-friendly.

    We use virgin materials that further our green initiatives. Such materials can be used to create a composite material using cellulose from trees. This material is the same material used in the manufacturing of diapers.

  • Internal Energy Savings Program

    We have worked with our local energy provider to make sure the lighting used throughout our offices and plant are as efficient as possible. We have reduced our power consumption by switching over to high-efficiency bulbs.

    DJP makes every effort to reduce our water usage and waste through recycling the used water in our presses. Water is something that we do not take for granted either!

  • Digitally Based Business Practices

    At DJP, we have started the process of going paperless. Across the company, we are working to reduce the use of paper and move to digital solutions. From recycling of paper products to Real-Time Process Monitoring terminals at all presses, we are working towards paperless practices in to all facets of our business.