Concept to Delivery

From the moment of contact past the time of delivery, we will be there for our customer. We are fully capable of manufacturing your product through creative design and high quality production with the inclusion of accelerated processing time, minimal variance, open door communication and with reasonable pricing.

Production with Ease, Accuracy & Timeliness

Overhead Cranes: 5 Ton & 10 Ton

  • Helps us glide heavy molds to any machine

IQMS Computer System

  • Allows “Real Time” viewing access to presses
  • Allows us to monitor: Cylce Time, Scrap, Production, Machine Utilization
  • Data Reporting
    • Creates better process control
    • Produces a better part overall in quality

Injection Molding Machine Range – 35 to 780 Tons

  • Injection Molding Facility – 47 presses
  • 55 Ton – Fully Electric
    • Has great shot repeatability for small shots
    • Holds high tolerances on parts
  • Sprue Pickers – 4 machines equipped
  • Multi Axis Robots – 9 machines equipped
  • Color Feeder – 25 machines equipped
  • Gravimetric Scale Color Feeders – 4 machines equipped
  • Pad Printers – 8 machines equipped

Design Capabilities

  • Complete Part Design…Or as a partner with your product design team
  • 2 CAD / CAM Stations: Solidworks & Surfcam
  • In-house mold, fixture and gauge design and manufacture capabilities
  • OVER 100 YEARS of combined mold & part design and part processing experience
  • Plastic industry experts available for specific design and processing challenges

Prototyping Capabilities

  • In-house prototyping using our 3-D printing process
  • Prototypes created economically overnight
  • ABS plastic prototypes confirm design for fit and function
  • Prototypes built from your STL files
  • Conventional prototyping also available

Multi-phase Assembly & Bonding

  • Urethane foam gaskets
  • Purchased components & sub-assemblies
  • In-house machining & drilling
  • Hot air / Cold stake
  • Hot plate welding
  • Heat staking
  • Solvent
  • Sonic
  • Spin
  • Vibration
  • Ultrasonic insertion
  • Snap fit design


  • Custom color
  • Concentrate at press
  • Pre-color material
  • Appliques
  • In-mold decoration
  • Hot stamping
  • Pad printing
  • Roll foiling
  • Silk-screening (outsource)
  • Vacuum metallizing & chrome plating (outsource)
  • EMI / RFI shielding (outsource)

Quality Control

Quality measurement custom tailored to our Customers’ requirements:

  • DEIMLING / jeliho Plastics Quality Laboratory maintains a full range of measuring equipment and tools including one (1) coordinate measuring machine, an optical comparator, a color spectrophotometer, a color light booth, and other quality supporting equipment.
  • In addition, we have constructed custom equipment to measure impact resistance, liquid flow, venturi flow, metering tip air and water flow testers, and numerous other custom measurement and testing devices.